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Sep 6, 2011 10:00pm EDT
not for obama. states that he won, north carolina, indiana, not probably going to win those. it's going to be a very fascinating campaign. whoever has the best message or vision is probably going to win because let's face it. not a lot of legislation has been moving. maybe this super committee on the debt moves something, but as of right now we're in the election season and this is where it gets very interesting. >> one name can you give me for the republicans who you think might take the primary? >> i think the favorite right now is rick perry. he can stumble in this debate tomorrow. that's going to be a key test for perry. right now he is on a trajectory and that's got to concern mitt romney, but mitt rom my thinks he can outlast him -- romney thinks he can outlast him, win on points. i think it's going to be a tough contest between perry and mitt romney and we're still waiting to see if sarah palin gets in the race. >> thanks for coming in tonight. >>> a nearly career ending injury, a year of rehab. tonight stephen strasburg took mound at nats ballpark. find out if he still has that
Sep 8, 2011 10:00pm EDT
players. we've talked about this being tropical moisture. well, remnants of lee out over indiana moved west today. that has been contributing moisture. we've had a stationary front over the region which provided the track and katia has provided a little bit of that tropical moisture. katia is now moving northeast of bermuda very fast and that means the drying trend will begin. it will get a little better tomorrow but really into the weekend is where we think we'll see nice improvement. tonight the flash flood watch continues. areas of tropical rain, worried about the northern neck, charles county, prince george's county county, this is moving in your direction. if you get a thunderstorm, you get much heavier rain. showers tomorrow, maybe a thunderstorm, too but not as widespread and not as heavy and a quick look at our planner, scattered showers 8 a.m. noon scattered showers and 5:00 maybe a thunderstorm, 79 degrees. it's better for the weekend, a lot drier. maybe a couple isolated showers maybe a couple more sunday afternoon. i heard coach saying
Sep 10, 2011 10:00pm EDT
on the road against indiana. leading 16-3 and this is kevin parks, up the middle and the cavaliers lead 23-3 and in that fourth quarter, 23-17 and the ball is loose, lawrence burnet soups it up and goes the distance, 54 yards for the td and minutes ago, virginia would come and win on the final play of the game, a 23-yardfield and that was 34-31. and howard and moorehouse at rfk stadium, trailing 20-9 and to brandon flanagan, a 29-yard score. cuts the deficit to just three. fourth quarter, 20-17. mcgee, play-action and finds carter, 23 yards for this touchdown. howard defeats moorehouse, 30- 27. the first meeting of the schools since 1997. >> and the nats hosting the astros in game two of the three- game series. john lanon in a 3rd-inning bases-loaded. jose out with a slow roller and feels it at home. crazy wile past jesus flores. two runs come in to score and that is what mo's reaction looks like now. the astros score 6 in the 3rd and beat the nats, 9-3. in coming up, the redskins remember 9/11. a good package we'll run on the pregame show tomorrow. >> thank you. >> sure. >>> coming up nex
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3